Top Ten Things to Do Before a Website Redesign

The Internet has witnessed a plethora of changes in the last ten years. Content management, e-mail marketing, blogging and image makeovers have increasing demands especially during these times when the competition for the market is getting tougher and more complicated. At present, more and more companies are seeking ways to give their websites a […]

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How can Social Media Curated Content Help Your Online Brand

The main reason people go online is to gain value. This value takes many different forms. Many people get value by getting information. Other people determine value by the entertainment that they get. Regardless, they go online to get some sort of value. If you are serious about creating serious online brands, then you […]

Why You Need To Do Local SEO For Your Business

If you own a business and you have numerous competitors in your area, you might need to review your marketing strategies to stay ahead of the pack and remain on top. One of the best strategies that you must check out is the search engine optimization (SEO).

Before diving into the task of improving your […]

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Why Do Social Media Marketers Fail?

Everybody thinks they know social media better than everyone else. Don’t get us wrong but it is true. Some people think that simply because they are on Facebook 24/7, they know how to do social media marketing; that is not the case. Furthermore, some marketers fail to realize that social media marketing is a […]

Social Media Marketing Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Follow

Small businesses always have their work cut out for them. Aside from the fact that they have to ensure they can be seen by their target market, they also have to stand out from quite an amount of competition in cyberspace. However, social media has helped lighten up the burden for small businesses.

Knowing […]

How to Be Heard over Social Media Clutter

We’re not sure if you are aware of this but have you tried looking for your own posts in your social media? Sometimes, you see it immediately but sometimes it takes quite some time for you to find and it is aggravating since being seen in social media is an important aspect of marketing. […]

Content Marketing Budget Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business’ problem nowadays is how to get the word out that they exist. It’s not like everyone can afford big budgets with grandiose marketing plots, however, small business owners can still produce the same quality content even with small or tight budgets.

You don’t need a huge number of staff to dish out […]

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What SEO Trends to Expect this Year Part 2

Without a doubt, the avenue of digital marketing is growing exponentially and it is not about to die out anytime soon. As the sayng goes – “change is constant.” Strategies that have worked before may not work at present.

Web activities and a digital presence across various platforms have become the norm, and these things […]

Steps for Successful SEO

Although entrepreneurs, marketers and others aiming to promote their products or services have an idea or extensive knowledge about what SEO is, theory is still sifferent from actual execution. When you are just starting out, most would not know where to start. Here are a couple of steps to take to help you cover […]

No Time to Waste, Implement These SEO Strategies Now

SEO remains to be a key element of your site but why? For your website to appear on search engine results when someone types in a search phrase or keyword the search engine would have to obtain information about your site in order to determine its relevance to the search phrase or keyword used […]